How to Apply for Standard Chartered Credit Card Online? SCB Credit Card Eligibility Criteria | Check SCB Credit Card Status


Standard Chartered Credit Card Online Status: Standard Chartered is one of the top international Bank that has more than 100 branches in 42 cities in India. Standard Chartered Bank has the stronger roots in India with the majority of perspectives for baking in India. Standard Chartered bank provides 12 different types of Credit Cards and it is easier for availing the credit card for maximum benefits. Credit Card helps for all the situations such as Business, travel, purchase and many more. It is prominent to get reward for using the Credit Card for various transactions and saves more money in the process. Check the Standard Chartered credit card application status in the website to know about the time and date for the preferred credit card. There are 3 types of Chartered credit cards are available such as Manhattan Platinum Credit Card, Super Value Titanium Credit Card and Platinum Rewards Credit Card. Special Offers and Discount vouchers are provided for the customers using the credit card for various purposes.

How to Apply for New Standard Chartered Credit Card Online:

Applying for the Standard Chartered credit card is much simpler so that it is efficient for saving more money in the process. Follow the simple steps for applying the Credit card:

  • Visit your branch and apply the Standard Chartered credit card in the branch of your city
  • Easier to apply the Standard Chartered credit card through online
  • Visit the website and click Standard Chartered credit card option, Link

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Select the type of credit card you need

  • Manhattan Platinum Credit Card
  • Super Value Titanium Credit Card
  • Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Standard Chartered Credit Card Range

  • Under these 3 Credit Card options choose the “Apply Now” options
  • Read all the features thoroughly
  • Fill in the details in the application form

how to apply new standared chartered credit card

  • Click Proceed

When all the procedures are completed, you can check credit card status to know when you can get the Credit Card and how to use them.

How to Check Standard Chartered Credit Card Status:

Getting the exact details about the status of your application form for credit card is most important so you can follow these procedures for availing them.

Step 1 : Visit the website.

Step 2 : Click the button “Credit Cards-Credit & Rewards” option in the homepage

Step 3 : Now click “Track Credit Card Application”

track standard chartered credit card application status online

Step 4 : Fill the application form that containing Reference Number and Mobile Number that you have mentioned in the application. Easily get my credit card status within these fewer option

Step 5 : When you have forgotten your Reference Number, you can click the option “Forgot Reference Number?”

Step 6 : Call the customer care number of your area and know the status of credit card application. You need to provide your Application ID as well as mobile number.

Step 7 : Send SMS with mentioning the reference number of the application when you need query about the application.

Become the credit card holder with availing the credit card and know the status of your credit card in the easier steps. The Standard Chartered bank credit card application status shows the details about when you will get your credit card in hand and about the methods of using them.