ICICI Credit Card Status: Apply and Track Application Status Online

Apply ICICI Credit Card and Status Checking:

ICICI Credit Card Status: ICICI Bank is one of the biggest Bank in India and declared as the second largest bank with the impressive growth in the capital market of India. ICICI Bank is also in the third place. The bank has started its operation for more than 15 years and has more than 3350 place in the country. ICICI Bank has the best class impressive growth of 10485 ATMs across India and the bank has grown to the extend fields such as insurance, capital venture as well as asset management. ICICI Bank also have opened many number of branches across the world and expended its growth to the further level. Let us see how to get the icici credit card application status with the simple procedures.

Procedure to Apply ICICI Bank Credit Card

ICICI Bank offers numerous types of credit cards for the people to their variety of needs. These types of credit cards can be called as the “Gemstone collections” and the type of cards are

  • ICICI Diamante Credit Card
  • ICICI Sapphire Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Ruby Credit Card
  • ICICI Bank Coral Credit Card

Applying for the credit card has the simple procedure so that after finishing the application you can check credit card status. Follow the simple steps

  • Visit the ICICI Bank Website. Link for Apply New Credit Card
  • On the middle of the page select the “Apply for your new ICICI Bank Credit Card in simple easy steps”
  • Select the type of credit card you need

apply icici credi card online

  • Give basic information like
  • Where do you live currently?
  • Date of Birth
  • Type of employment
  • Monthly take-home salary
  • Do you have a credit card?
  • Do you have an ICICI Bank account?
  • Fill up the application form
  • Click the submit button
  • Upload documents

After filling up all these details, the website will show the eligible card for you and you can click Ok for availing the credit card. Notification about the activation of the credit card will be sent via SMS or email. The status of credit card application is given in the website for you to track it.

Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status Online:

When you need to check on about your status of credit card application and it is necessary to provide some details for ensuring your security. The credit card holder must enter the following details for getting the instant status about the credit card:

Here are the 05 Simple Steps to Check Your ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

Step: 1 : Visit official website: https://loans.icicibank.com/

Step 2 : Click the button “TRACK APPLICATION STATUS”

Track ICICI Bank Credit Card Application status
Step 3 : Clicking the above page will display “Track Your Application Status” than You can track the ICICI Bank Credit Card Status by filling the below information.

check icici credit card application status
Step 4 : Submit your Credit Card Application ID and Mobile Number

Step 5 : Click the submit button so you can know the status of the application from the ICICI Bank Database.

If your information matches from that records, make sure you will be able to track your application of ICICI Bank.

It is necessary to answer all the security questions and know my credit card status. Make sure that all the information provided in the website are exact so before clicking the submit option in the website, it is necessary to thoroughly check. Customer care support is also provided so when you have some error with accessing the credit card status, you can get the convenient details in the exact manner.

For more details about Check ICICI Bank Credit Card Status, Visit hte official website @ www.icicibank.com

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  1. I love reading these articles because they’re short but inoitmarfve.

    1. Glad this was helpful Philinda..

  2. santosh kumar panda

    Icici Bank Credit Card Apply for 15 Day please Status Me.
    i am in 8 time apply please verify.

  3. santosh kumar panda

    santoshkumar panda
    application no-2016128866364

    I am allredy 8 time apply

    please verify status

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  10. my Application Number Is N110101615425
    Plz update My Status

  11. What is the status of my credit card

  12. Last 27 july I applied for credit card.1 month complited I never got mail or applications id from icici bank.
    not any single massage.

  13. what is the status of my credit card

  14. Hi My Name is Kubendar reddy
    My Application Number: S110101465710
    Its almost a 10days we have crossed but there is no information, not even a verification call from the ICICI executive.

    So could you please help me out for Cr Card Status.


    Kubendar Reddy

  15. My application number 1609190071

  16. What is the status of my credit card

  17. please let me know my credit card application status. my application ref no 2016250759423

  18. My application number is w110102121656,please give update of my ceadit card status.

    APPLICATION NO is S110101677983 APPLY 1 month
    Icici crrdit card Apply plz status me

  20. My Application NO- N160100324790 Kindly update my status.

  21. My application number is S110101784221 applied last month. I just want a status about it as i didn’t get any message from ur side…

  22. My application no. is 16091502292 applied more than 1 month, home verification done, message also received that u will get back in next 15 days. But still no reply, y indias leading bank is so late in providing credit cards.

    My Application No- N110101811989 plz update the Status me.

  24. My Application Number is S110101819441. Please update me my credit cared status.

  25. Jitender kumar Rawat

    Please confirm my credit cards information,
    Not reflect on line status.
    My Application References number is.. 2016326866339

  26. My Application Number is 2016298830082.Please update me my credit card status.

  27. I am Harish

    My Applications No-S110101940081, Pls update the Status

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