How to Pay SBI Bank Credit Card Bill Payment?


SBI Credit Card Bill Payment: Every individual want to pay their credit card bill without any delay, but they fail to do it due to their busy lifestyle. For this reason, they are seeking for the best and perfect payment solution.  In order to satisfy the requirements, SBI comes with lots of specially designed payment modes. These are the most useful solutions that help you to pay the credit card bill exactly on time. It is an excellent and smart way to keep fine credit scores as well as avoid penalties or fines. SBI really make your life simpler by offering flexible methods of bill payment which cater to an array of customers or account holders. If you select to immediately make the payments online, the SBI provides nine different payment models for people to use.  Some individuals want to make their payment offline by using cheque or cash, so SBI provides facilities like bank branch bill payments, electronic and manual drop boxes, simple bill payments, and ATM payments.

How to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Payment

SBI Credit Card Bill Payment – Online Bill Payment Modes

You can pay the credit cards bills online easily. By using this excellent convenience or facility, you can quickly make payments without leaving your working place or home. SBI offers lots of payment modes, so you can carefully choose the right one based on your individual requirements.

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NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer)

You can use NEFT in order to pay the credit card bill easily from your nearby SBI branch. Here are the procedures to pay the bill as follows:

  • You can login to your internet banking facility as well as opt to pay money
  • You can add the SBI card as a recipient under 3rd party transfers
  • Utilize the IFSC code which is actually designated for your credit card payments
  • You can enter the credit card number in a place of an account of number of beneficiaries
  • “SBI Credit Card – NEFT” is a bank name
  • After that, you can fill the bank address
  • Once you successfully submit the details, the credit card can be registered as well as you can easily make the transfers

Visa Credit Card Pay

It is a secure and quick way to pay the credit card bills.  You can login to the net banking account as well as choose 3rd party bill payment. Then, you can choose Visa Credit Card Pay. After that, you will confirm your transaction process. The cash will be properly debited from the account as well as will reflect within three working days.

How to Make Your SBI Credit Card Payment Online

By using the SBI online facility, you can easily make fast credit card payments.

  • Visit:
  • You can log in with the user password and ID
  • Select bill payments as well as enter the “Manage Biller”
  • Select “Add” tab and then opt for the “All India Billers”
  • Choose “SBI Cards & Payment Services Pvt. Ltd”
  • In order to register the biller, you can enter the name as well as credit number to submit
  • You can verify your transaction by using OTP and your credit card can be successfully registered on the reliable website
  • Once it is done, view and then pay your credit card bills easily
  • You can click on the “ “View/pay bills” as well as select “Without bills”.
  • Choose “SBI Card” & click on “Pay”.
  • Choose the SBI account number that will be actually debited for the payment and then click on “Pay Now.”

Paynet-Pay Online

This is an excellent online payment mode which brings you two different options in order to pay the credit card bill. After that, log in to the official website of SBI and make your payment easily.  Your SBI account can be successfully debited and receive confirmation on the mobile number and registered email.

Auto Debit

It is an excellent facility which can be utilized by SBI account holders as well as SBI linked Banks. You can down the form, proper print as well as fill this out. Along with this, you can also opt in order to pay the fewer amount due. You require getting the information verified by the bank and post it to a platform of SBI card & payment. The cash will be properly deducted each and every month on a payment due date.

SBI Card Payment – Offline/Manual Payment Modes

SBI also provides traditional modes of paying the credit card bills that include in-person and manual payments. If you are seeking for the alternative of online modes, you can prefer the offline methods.

  • Over a counter bill payment

You can visit your SBI branch to make the credit payment.

  • Easy bill

There are more than fifteen thousand simple bill outlets available that helps you to make the credit card payments by using cash.

There are the most popular payment methods, so you can carefully choose and use the right one according to your payment needs.  For more useful details, kindly visit the official website of SBI.

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