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Apply Amegy Bank Credit Card Online

Amegy Bank of Texas is one of the top US bank operating in Texas having the subsidiary of Zions Bancorporation. Amegy Bank of Texas has its headquarters in Five Post Oak Park in Post Oak Park in Houston, Texas. The Amegy Bank of Texas is the largest bank in Houston as of 2005. The bank has USD $11 billion in assets as of 2010. Amegy Bank of Texas is present in the wide location of more than 80 countries and more than 2000 employees are working within the state of Texas. With more than 25 years ago, The Amegy Bank have entered the financial market with the small team with big goals and the bank have grown to the wider extent with offering more number of service for the customers all over the world. Team grew into the most talented family of bankers with more commitment based on the common sense solutions and also offers the right things for the clients in the higher priority. Amegy Bank also believes in the relationship of the Banking in which the clients also knows the bankers detailed service. Amegy Bank of Texas calls it the most amazing “Community Banking Partnership” in which they bring the complete solution in the extraordinary manner as well as offering the complete access to the account in the most secure manner. Amegy Bank of Texas offers the clients of banks with all the own geographic areas.

Apply Amegy Bank Credit Card

Reliable And Secure Service:

With more than 80 banking locations present in the Texas, the Amegy Bank of Texas works based on high end goal and spirit. Amegy Bank of Texas is specialized in offer the extensive banking service privately owned by the business for all public sized companies in the industries with the additional expertise for energy, real estate as well as correspondent banking. With the supporting deposit and loan capabilities, the business relationship has widely increased. The highly experienced team offers the complete service that includes SBA, fraud protection, cash management, international trade, Foreign Exchange, Investments, Corporate Trust, Leasing, Interest Rate, Retirement Plan services and Factoring. Amegy Bank of Texas offers the highly reliable and secure service for the customers to the maximum so that it is much easier for getting the complete financial support. Amegy Bank of Texas pays attention to every clients and they are the leader in caring for clients. Amegy Bank of Texas offers the high excellent Personal and Business Services. No matter what kind of service you are looking for in the Amegy Bank of Texas brings the high excellent solution.

  • Deposit Account
  • Savings / Money Market
  • Relationship Package
  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Loan Servicing
  • Customer Service
  • Private Banking
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Trust and Estate Services
  • Online Banking with Bill Pay
  • Investment Management
  • Private Client Investments
  • Insurance Services
  • Mobile Banking with Bill Pay
  • Deposit Rates

Amegy Bank Of Texas Credit Cards:

Whether you like to get the credit card fortify your personal cash management or business’s cash management process, Amegy Bank of Texas offers the convenient solution for saving money. Amegy Bank of Texas understands the way of employee spend with the detailed reporting. It is quite easier to download the information directly from the accounting software and reduces the manual tracking of the expenses. Credit cards are subjected to credit approval and there are certain terms, conditions as well as restrictions apply. Therefore it is necessary to get the complete detailed information before applying for the Credit Card.

  • Earning Rewards Points
  • Saving on Interest
  • Building Credit

Cash Back On Purchases

Find your Credit Card of your choice in the wide extensive manner and save your time and money to a greater extent.  See Consumer Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure for getting the detailed information about the Banker. Offers and deals also subject to change at any time so it is important to get the detailed and updated information regarding the types of Credit Card.

Cash Back For Credit Cards:

Getting cash on every purchase with the Credit Card is prominent. Credit Cards are subjected to the credit approval with the certain terms, conditions and restrictions apply. There are many different variable rate products are available and APR is based on Prime Rate that are stated in Wall Street Journal. Interest rate is payable on the card and it changes effectively based on the index. Credit Card holders could earn 1% cash back for every dollar that is spent on the net purchases.

  • 1% cash back on all purchases
  • 50 to 11.50% variable APR

The Cash Back will not be earned on the transactional items like the cash advances, returned merchandise and balance transfers. The customer should have at least the amount of $25 earned in the cash back for redeeming in the extensive manner. Account should also be in good standing. 0.00% Introductory APR is offered for 1st six months so that the APR will range based on the 10.50-11.50% for each of the card type. APR is based on the Prime Rate and it does not be applied for the cash advances.


Customers will earn 1 rewards point for every dollar that is spent or made the net purchases. The Transactional items like balance transfers, cash advances, returned merchandise and others are not eligible. Huge number of offers is available on the Amazing Rewards card. The Card Holders could easily earn the annual reward bonus that ranges from the 0% up to 25% varies with the total rewards points to earn on the non-promotional offers in the calendar year. 0% Intro APR on purchases for 6 months is also applicable for the Credit Card. Percentage amount for the annual bonus are determined based on the tier in which the cardholders annual net is spend. Since the Annual Rewards Bonus is offered for the customers, it is quite easier for enjoying more benefits.

Lower Interest:

Do you like to get the low interest to carry the balance? Of course the Amegy Bank of Texas offers the credit cards based on different features that are quite valuable for the card holders in the absolute manner. Annual Rewards Bonus is offered for the card holders which is quite beneficial. Save your money with the low variable APR based on the purchase as well as the balance transfers. It is beneficial to get the lowest rates in the market and much easier for saving money.

Apply Amegy Credit Card Online:

Amegy Bank of Texas offers many different types of credit cards in order to suit the requirement of every customer. Each and every Credit Cards are accepted worldwide so the customers can carefully pick the right one as per your individual requirements. Obtaining better protection on travels, life, purchases, hospitalization or any other way of applying the credit cards are prominent with saving more money in the extensive manner. Along with this, the customers can also obtain free interest on your every buying process and the customers can obtain complimentary insurance benefit that effectively covers several dangers and threats. Using the Amegy Bank Credit Card, it is much easier to spread the happiness with your loving family members by getting suitable credit card with wide features. It is essential to know about the Amegy Bank credit card eligibility before applying for any credit card, as it is helpful for you to pick the appropriate one easily. When you do not know how to apply and check amegy bank credit card status then you can easily follow the given instructions below:

  • Access the official website of Amegy Bank or click the link
  • Click “Login To Your Account” on your homepage
  • Enter your Login Id and Password
  • Now enter into the “Personal” or “Business” on the homepage and then click “Credit Card”
  • Answer 3 simple questions for finding the perfect card
  • After answering the questions you would redirected to the suitable credit card
  • Detailed information about the Credit Card is given on the website
  • Click “Apply Now”

Filling the online credit card application will take only 10 minutes so you need to enter the complete details on the application form. For your protection, the website would automatically log off when there is no activity for 30 minutes. If this occurs all information entered on the application will be lost. The applicants must reside based on the servicing area of the Amegy Bank (Texas) and they can also have the current savings account or checking account with Amegy Bank to submit an application for the Credit Card. You can apply for the Credit Card as individual or Joint account and then choose the location. When you have a current active account with Amegy Bank, then it is quite easier to get the Credit Card online. Correct detailed information must be given for filling out the application form of Amegy Bank. Verification will be done in short time so that your Credit Card will be activated for the personal or business use. Depending on your needs you can easily select the options of Credit Cards from this given category. Types of Credit cards and options are displayed based on the requirements so that it is quite useful for enjoying more benefits. Compare the options for Credit Card before buying the Amegy Bank Credit Card. know the details of reward program, discounts, interest rates as well as special offers for the Credit Card. View the features, eligibility criteria and payment of the Amegy Bank Credit Card and then choose the preferred Credit Card.

How to Check Amegy Bank Credit Card Status Online:

Once applied the credit card, You can check the Amegy Credit Card Status Online.