How to Check Indian Railway PNR Status


4 Quick Ways to Check Indian Railways Reservation Confirmation (PNR Status)

Do you know what PNR is?  PNR stands for Passenger Name Record as well as in the case of an Indian Railways. In addition, it is a unique pointer which contains complete journey details of a passenger. When you reserved for a railways journey either IRCTC in online web portal or in the offline mode even though after knowing that the ticket is below waiting list, simply due to significant of the journey, you can also check the status of the waiting list as to whether it has stimulated with assist of the PNR number that you can discover on the e-ticket as well as in the ticket that you have reserved directly from the ticket counter. Of course, you can verify the status of an RAC or else reservation beside cancellation ticket along with the assist of this number. Thus, it is nothing, however, the travel documentation of individuals is a collection of people maintained in the Central Reservation System Database. It is really a follow-up procedure for the passenger in order to ensure whether their ticket is confirmed or not.

Place to find PNR Number

  • If you do not have sufficient idea where to find PNR number then simply follow the below given steps properly.
  • Simply, pick the physical ticket or e-ticket that you reserved currently.
  • On both sides of the ticket, you can find a ten- digit number equivalent to the term “PNR No”.
  • In both instances, you can discover this 10 digit number on the top left corner of the booked ticket.
  • In generally, this number will be appearing primary followed by the transaction number as well as details of trains boarding stations, date of boarding, boarding station and so.

How to Check PNR Status Online

  • Procedure to verify IRCTC PNR Status
  • You can verify the status of a train ticket from the official web portal of Indian Railways at the corresponding link

Indian Railway PNR Status

  • At this web page, you need to enter 10-digit PNR Number properly and then click on the button “Get Status”.
  • Earlier clicking this button, in some cases, you may be asked to enter the captcha as per the picture is given on the web page.
  • Just enter as directed in order to verify the status. This process is performing in order to check whether you are a human verifying the PNR status or whether it is system produced confirmation.

Hence, after confirmation process is done, and then the corresponding result will be generated in front of you. For proper results, you have to follow the above-given instruction in the sequence manner without skipping a single step. Just do same as it given above and check IRCTC PNR status easily in the easing method.

Check PNR Status via Mobile or Offline mode

Check Indian Railway PNR status through SMS

If you want to check the PNR status just send the PNR number in the below mentioned format.

  • Send an SMS by mentioning only the PNR number to “9773300000”
  • For ex. SMS: “1234546453” to 9773300000

Track PNR status by short code of Indian railways 5676747

This is another method to check the PNR status by using alternate short code 5676747 which is officially provided by IRCTC service.

Get PNR status:

  • Send an SMS PNR <space><10 digit PNR number> to 5676747
  • For ex.: “PNR 1234546453” to 5676747

Checking PNR status through SMS to 10 digit regular mobile number

If you decide to obtain to recognize your PNR Status via mobile, then you can also send your PNR 10 digit number to the corresponding number such as 139 or 5676747.

  • For ex.: “PNR1234546453” to 139

In addition, there is also another possible method available for you; there are applications that will assist you in verifying the PNR status through your tablet, Smartphone or PC.

You need to download such kind of application if you are often training traveler.

How to Comprehend The Reservation Status?

In general, while you book a ticket through online or offline mode, you will obtain reservation status as verify if your ticket is confirmed.  These details can commonly be found in the mid right corner of the ticket.

  • If the ticket is not confirmed as well as if it is in waiting list level, you will also discover the status as WL followed by a number.
  • For example, if you find that the reservation status as WL3, then is two more individual previous to you in waiting list.
  • This detail can generally be found in the middle right corner of your ticket. When the ticket is not confirmed and if it is in waiting list stage, you will find the status as WL followed by a number. Once, their corresponding ticket is confirmed, then your PNR status will be WL1 and it will then shift to RAC level.
  • As your ticket has shifted WL stage, then it will shift to RAC ( Reservation Against Cancellation) level, then you will discover RAC followed by a number, that will generate your number as RAC passenger.
  • If your train is regarding start as well as if your ticket is not still confirmed, then you will mechanically refund the booking charge amount, as well as the same amount, will be transferred to your corresponding bank account.
  • You can board the train if your status is RAC as well as not in WL as there are an opportunity to reach RAC stage, even though in the last minute as well as you will not obtain the refund amount if the status shifts to RAC.